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About Healthy Play

Healthy Play is a partnership between Ellicott City Soccer Club and the Horizon Foundation. It is an intiative to help communities develop attitudes and skills to make consistent and positive health-related choices. Promote healthy child development through involvement in sports, building a sense of well-being and meeting the growth, development, and activity needs of healthy, confident children and young poeple.A health and wellness initiative that will educate and provide resources to the players and their families in Ellicott City Soccer Club.

Performance and hydration
Boost performance by adding color
Fuel your performance

The Ten Essential Eating Guidelines for Superb Performance  

  1. Wise up to how foods create energy

  2. Eat using the timetable

  3. Sip, sip, sip (water)

  4. Supercharge with whole grain

  5. Chomp fruits and vegetables

  6. Put protein in its place

  7. Sideline the sugar

  8. Make your plate whole

  9. Relax, recover, and rebuild

  10. Get the whole team involved



Lair, Cynthia. Feeding the Young Athlete, Sports Nutrition Made Easy for Players Parents, and Coaches. Readers to Eaters, 2012. Print.

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